The Captain

All three episodes of The Captain are out! You can listen here: Episode 1: The Incident at Rockall! Episode 2: Raise the Lucitania! Episode 3: Whale Adventure! Or, you can listen on iTunes* or here on or on your … Continued

Hello Granddad.

Last week, I visited my Granddad Tony in Lincolnshire. I discovered he has this Website bookmarked and visits it everyday to keep up with current events involving me. Other than my twitter feed nothing much happens here. So here is … Continued

Talking hoop

I live with a comedian, her name is Teresa Coyne, follow her on twitter @sorobotic. Living with a comedian is a larf a minute, we joke about horrible secrets and watch Masterchef together. We’ve ants at the moment so the … Continued


Hello Reader, I received an email from a lady who wanted to see my show, unfortunately due to some silly business that I still don’t understand enough to explain to you, my venue is gone. I’m over it, I’ve the … Continued

My top picks for Vodafone comedy festival

I’m gigging at the Vodafone comedy festival in the Iveagh gardens Dublin, next week. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to write a blog post, ‘cos I think I like it. Firstly here is the … Continued

London gig news

I’m doing a gig in Phoenix artists club, 1 phoenix street London. Monday at nine pm, with Sofie Hagen, she’s in my top five comedy friends, which is good considering there is a sea between us. please attend you’ll find … Continued

Brand spanking new sketches on RTE.

Please bear witness to my brand spanking new sketch stuff on the RTE player (SWIT SWOO). Look at the promo! Here is the sketch itself. Please check all the sketches out, some are made by friends of … Continued

2015 wooo woo

Hello. First post of twenty fifteen, no big deal. I love this website but I get slightly ill if I look at it for too long, the type of sickness you get when you try to read while on a … Continued

The war is over, an essay I wrote for RTE arena

one hundred years ago,Though there was no official truce, roughly 100,000 British and German troops were involved in unofficial ceasefire along the length of the Western Front. on Christmas day both sides played against each other in a friendly game … Continued

Stuff I like at the moment.

This is a list of things I like at the moment. 1, Avocados 2, BoJack Horseman 3, The success of Hozier and Conor McGregor over seas 4, Sweet potatoes 5, My housemate’s dislike of eggs in a haribo starmix, … Continued