The Alison Spittle Show

Giles Brody and I sat in a park, he had this brainwave to make a TV show not for the TV. Our friend Diarmuid thought it was great idea and he helped us make it along with other class people.

We found great writers from twitter and nabbed guests. made a set and gathered an audience.
Here you go.

Guide to the Midlands

This video is of a video I made for The Republic of Telly, a comedic behemoth on Irish TV. It’s a guide to Mullingar, a funny town, home of Niall Horan and myself.

We had to cut out bits of me riffing about a swiss roll and a part where I broke my umbrella while acting, I pretended it was supposed to happen as I am a professional.

Pat is my neighbour and a real life rapper. Filmed by Chris Tordoff.


Stand up in the International Bar

The International Bar is a fantastic comedy club in Ireland I like to call it ‘shelter for renagades’. It has no microphone. This is a taster of my set.

Please note that the joke has improved I have changed my mums voice dramatically and tweaked so asides.


The Undercover Murderer

This is a sketch. My personal friend/contemporary makes sketches, I helped him out with a bit of acting.

See, in this scene I gave off the impression the Colin Chadwick was capable of violence, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. You see the one thing I’ve learnt from acting is to lie and to convince people you’re telling the truth.


The Power of Mel Gibson

This is a short film, I wrote and acted in. It’s inspired by ‘what women want’ Mel Gibson’s seminal film. Instead of hearing the deep desires of the opposite sex the main character hears prefab sprout and other catchy songs that won’t leave peoples heads.

The production was beset by disasters but was fun to make. Conor O’Toole made the film Niamh Marron played my friend and Simon Mulholland did the sound.