2015 wooo woo

First post of twenty fifteen, no big deal.
I love this website but I get slightly ill if I look at it for too long, the type of sickness you get when you try to read while on a bus, this is how I want you to feel dear reader.

The other reason for not posting, I procrastinate far too much. for instance I spent four hours crafting when I have writing dead line.
Don’t worry comedians that make cards, I’m staying off your turf, I can’t figure out how to make ones to fit in to envelopes, However I’m bring out my own line of soups.

Here is a recipe for soup
2 stock cubes
various vegetables

Boil water in kettle
cook vegetables in a pan.
pour the hot boiling water over veggies,
Crumble stock cubes in to your broth.
get a hand blender, plug it in to a socket, put the sharp end in to your pot, put a tea towel over the top of the pot as splash back will happen and it will burn.
Blitz those veggies, and water until it looks like bad porridge. the motor in the hand blender should over heat by then and you will have to wait an hour to use the hand blender again.
Pour in to containers and place in freezer, forget about them for a few months and feel guilty over the take-aways you bought.

I will now add food blogger to my twitter bio.

Favourite phrase I heard off someone this week – “Man Yogurt” 

mmmm mystery soups.



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