My first post

Hello to you dearest reader,
My name is Alison Spittle, I am a stand up comedian who can’t make vines. I’m looking for these multi platforms my friends keep talking about.

Some cool thing

I’m awful at twitter unless it’s being snarky about kids on The Late Late Toy Show. The next day I feel an incredibly guilt about laughing at a child’s Kerry accent or saying the word piss on live T.V while Ryan walk’s away in disgust from her.

People are either overly nice to each other on twitter or hostile, including myself. I always wake up and delete 140 characters of vitriol aimed at people who work in media and politics but who don’t have a job title and don’t share the same views as me about wombs and priests. I feel no guilt at the tweets but I want a job and it wouldn’t look good if someone googled me and found this from me “@JohnMcbastard I hope you get brain scabies #vinb”

I find it hard to interact with people on twitter, if someone say’s something nice to me that I don’t know in real life my 12 year old mind screams ‘STRANGER DANGER’ but I overcome this and reply with a thanks and a

Anyway Wagner from X factor replied to me once and followed me, so I choose to still use twitter. I can tell Leon and June from goggle box that I love them everyday and find out when Richard Osman will be on Have I Got News For You.

This blog is to encourage me to write more, to learn to use commas and not for your entertainment so if you are unsatisfied, tough, but thanks for reading.

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