That difficult second post.

Hello, since April I’ve been busy or not motivated and that’s no good for blogging.
I remembered I have a blog I also have a script to learn and I procrastinate by pretending this blog is more important than learning lines for a fringe play in two days.

Here’s what I’ve been up to

I’ve finished a run of my solo hour long show in the Tiger Dublin fringe it was lovely, I sold out nearly every night. That was all down to the hard work of the people behind the scenes.
It was strange at the same time, at a normal gig the crowd size is the promoters problem, you just hop up on stage and do your best.

Your own show is a special fish, people have come to your show for no other reason than to see you.
Anyway it made me feel a massive feeling of gratitude towards everyone of them, the fringe workers, my mam, my mates, comedians that have seen half of the show all ready, friends of friends, people that have seen me do five spots, total strangers. For that hour I was enamored by them and would try and impress them and make them laugh more then anyone in the world.

this is a skateboard.

It’s an ego thing gah, there is nothing more boring than a comedian talking about comedy but I need to vent.

In short, Edinburgh was a slog with massive highs, tear inducing frustration and loads of tedium.
It has made me a better comedian and a few more Facebook friends that the only interaction with them will be birthday greetings on their wall.
I had great gigs, gigs with two people one of whom couldn’t speak English, heckled by a Lebanese lady, drunk students in an Italian restaurant, class people from bath and my Dad.
God Edinburgh is beautiful and I spotted Richard Osman walking with headphones in his ears, isn’t the world mad?

Vodafone festival and Kilkenny cat laughs were a massive high for me this year. I felt fully looked after and like a proper comedian, my name on a notebook, welcome packs, big nice open-minded audiences. I was spoiled and Edinburgh brought be back down to reality.

Reality is grand though, I like it.

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