My top picks for Vodafone comedy festival

I’m gigging at the Vodafone comedy festival in the Iveagh gardens Dublin, next week.
I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to write a blog post, ‘cos I think I like it.

Firstly here is the info on my gigs, first free show of the festival is presents the mess around.
I’m a proud member of the mess around gang which include my two best lads in the world Conor O’Toole and Simon Mulholland.
We help out Colin Chadwick and Giles Brody every month in Anseo on Camden Street,
I’ll be a mess around gang member until I die.
I’m chuffed they’re on in Vodafone, it’s going to be 90 minutes of intelligent and anarchic sketch fun, we’re joined by the big guns of David O’Doherty and Mess around gang member Eleanor Tiernan.
Please check for access to tickets.

Later that night 21.30, I’m doing a paid show with Gerry Mcbride (Me fellow grinder and Hustler), Conor O’Toole (The friend I trust the most and the funniest) Lolly Adefope ( i saw her shine at an improv show last year) and headlined by the class Foil Arms and Hog (the biggest gents in comedy).
Linky to tickets here

So then we move on to Friday, I’m involved in a show that is so cool I wake up excited thinking about it. Lolly Adefope (she has a show at the ed fringe this year, Aparna Nancherla (I googled her and found her conan set, I can’t wait to see her live), Eleanor Tiernan (she’s someone I see gig around town a lot and every time she surprises me and makes me laugh) and headlined by the big mack daddy Maeve Higgins (Q.U.E.E.N, a sound comedic genius).

Seriously lads, the tips of my fingers are full of joy typing this out.
Right, so here are some names I recommend that are not gigging with me.

Ed Sammon
the best six and a half minutes of stand up I witnessed live

he’s in a group called the lads of comedy and they are great too, so check out Ronan Grace, Andrea Farrell and Kevin Mcgahern, who’ll be performing around the festival.

John Mulaney
look at this

Chris Kent
He’s a hoot

Niamh Marron
she’s a comedic berocca and will be mcing a great show

Nick Helm
He’s my flatmates favourite comedian and she is sound and lovely,

Gearoid Farrelly and Karl Spain super comedians please google them yourself I’m tired now. xxxxx  behold the glory

P.S, Some of the best shows are free I recommend having a gander and plan your day. see you there xx

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