Hello Reader,
I received an email from a lady who wanted to see my show, unfortunately due to some silly business that I still don’t understand enough to explain to you, my venue is gone.

I’m over it, I’ve the Dublin fringe and other stuff to look forward to such as visiting my granddad.
Firstly so sorry if you’ve tried to find my show but the good new is is I’m doing the last week, I’ll be working on my hour long by sharing a show with “the prince of alternative comedy in Ireland” Conor O’Toole.
we’re sharing an hour in the Frankenstein pub (I vant to suck you blood) at 2pm from the 24th untill the 31st so pop along if you’re in Edinburgh.
I’ve also landed some sweet ass gigs as a part of the best of Irish in the stand 3 on the 23rd ,25th,26th,29th and 30th at six pm if you look at my upcoming gigs I have some gigs with cheeky Irish pups and bombs, haggis and booze. you’re best off checking my twitter for some on the fly gigs.
Alison xxxx

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